The BMC Speedmachine

Races don’t happen in a wind tunnel. That’s why we designed the all-new Speedmachine to deliver speed and predictability where you need it most – the real world.

Merging innovation, athlete insights, and a partnership with Red Bull Advanced Technologies, we’ve crafted not just another iteration, but a revolution.

A Partnership in speed

In collaboration with Red Bull Advanced Technologies, our Impec Lab engineers have harnessed cutting-edge R&D tools to redefine bike design, pushing the boundaries of speed and innovation.

Born From Racing

The Speedmachine revolutionizes triathlon bikes, focusing on the rider’s experience. 

Elite Speed

Limited to just 50 units, the Speedmachine 00 offers more than a bike.

The Speedmachine is a bike you can ride in the aero position with the same level of confidence as your road bike. No matter the conditions, no matter the course, we created confidence so you can create speed.