The Soudal Group is the largest independent European manufacturer of sealants, adhesives and polyurethane foams. Positive Sports Solutions is the official importer and distributor of Soudal Bike Products in South Africa. Soudal have developed a complete range of Bicycle and Cycling Products for the assembly, lubrication and maintenance of road race, commuter and off road bikes in close cooperation with the technicians of the Soudal Quickstep cycling team.

Developed for the best, used by all!

Soudal products are widely used and trusted by professional teams such as the Soudal Quickstep team and cycling enthusiasts worldwide.

Lubrication: Top quality lubricants are vital for chains and other moving parts. Soudal have developed 4 different applications for various weather conditions to ensure the optimal performance of bike chains, gears and other moving parts. Soudal Dry Wax guarantees that the chain remains supple and lasts longer with the wax penetrating into the innermost parts of the chain settling in all openings. Dry and Wet Weather Lubricants both reduce friction, making gear changes smoother and extending the lifespan of parts. The 2 variants are especially designed for use during respective weather conditions with dirt and dust adhering less quickly for Dry Weather Lubricant and Wet Weather Lubricant reducing the penetration of moisture with its water and mud resistant properties.

Pastes: For mechanics and specialised cycling lovers who like to assemble and disassemble their bikes, Soudal Bike offers a full range of professional assembly pastes. Soudal Assembly Paste helps prevent creaks and squeaks and protects parts by reducing friction and wear in moving areas such as bearings, headsets and axles. Carbon Assembly Paste was developed specifically for non-moving parts with a granular structure to facilitate assembly and disassembly. It also reduces the friction between carbon components and is perfect for mounting carbon handlebars, stems and seat posts. Perhaps the most impressive product in the category is the Soudal Silicon Paste which has been specially developed with a water repellent effect. This paste also protects against rust and corrosion and is ideal for mounting steering heads, chain sets and screws as well as an ideal additional sealant for the rubber around cable housing.

Cleaners: The various cleaning products include general purpose cleaners as well as products for the cleaning of specific bicycle parts and will assist in the complete cleaning of the bike. The Soudal Bike Cleaner, a professional detergent for thoroughly cleaning bicycles has proven to be one of the most popular products in the range. Perfect for quickly removing mud and all types of dirt it is effective on all surfaces (matt, painted and unpainted) including bicycle tyres and does not contain harsh chemicals that may harm the bicycle finish. Other cleaning specific products include the Soudal Chain Cleaner, Mud remover, Disc Brake cleaner and the professional grade Protect and Polish suitable for both Aluminium and Carbon frames.