Tufo XC11 TR and XC12 TR Mountain Bike Tires Review – by HB Kruger

The Tufo XC11 & XC 12 are made for cross country and marathon racing. I have been riding the Tufo XC11 (front), XC12 (rear) combination.

The Tufo mountain bike tire range comes out with a unique VECTRAN puncture barrier system. A core of the anti-puncture system is made from VECTRAN – liquid crystal polymer (LCP) which are five times stronger than steel. VECTRAN also offers outstanding cut resistance and high impact resistance at low weight. The Oil Silica provides the tires with a soft compound to improve traction and reduce rolling resistance.

With these benefits in the Tufo tires I have found that I am able to ride at a lower tire pressure, this has made for some great traction on the trails. The XC12 tread pattern is designed for speed and cornering in mixed conditions. These models are ideal for bumpy terrain and roots and not ideal for deep and sticky mud.

The tread pattern of the XC11 provides low rolling resistance, self-cleaning and great grip. At the moment the XC11, XC12, and XC14 are available in 2.25 width. The XC 11 and 12 are weighing in at 650g respectively.

Tufo Tire Review