Gravel race season is here and Race 2 The Sun is less than two months away! If you keen on racing for SA champion status maybe it’s time to upgrade to upgrade!

The team at positive Sports Solutions has put together amazing Gravel deals, Bikes, Tyres and accessories all made to optimise your riding experience and make those personal bests a possibility. 

Bike Deals:

Control Tech Bars

Save 10% on ControlTech Gravel Bars:

Cougar Alu Gravel Bar: RRP R1499 Promo R1349

One Alu Gravel Bar: RRP R1099 Promo R989

CLS Riser Alu Gravel Bar: RRP R1049 Promo R944

EXL Riser Carbon Gravel Bar: RRP R6649 Promo R5985

Supacaz Gravel Bar Tape

Tufo Gravel Tyres

The Incredibly fast speedero, the grippy Swampero and the all rounder Thundero are the forefront of gravel tyres, available in various widths there is a tyre for you!

Token G33 Carbon Gravel Wheels

Save 10% on a Token G33 RoubX Gravel Wheelset

RRP: R 32 799 Promo: R29 519