The new Tufo xc11 is easily recognizable by the brown color on the inside (just like their gravel bike tires), The specified weight is a lower 650 grams.

We’ve bought a new sample and retested the XC11 TR. We’ve found a considerable difference between the old and new versions: the new version is much more performant than the old one. 

The new version of the Tufo XC11 TR also comes much closer to how we expected it to perform based on the performance of their gravel bike tires. The new XC11 TR now comes very close to the Tufo Gravel range, but our test results indicate some differences remain.

We hope to test some more Tufo MTB tires in the future, as that should paint a better picture of their performance and how they differ from their gravel bike tires.

XC11 TR looks like a good allround MTB tire that isn’t the fastest but offers good puncture resistance of the tread and very strong sidewalls.

Overall, we find the new version of the XC11 TR to be a much better tire than the old version we accidentally tested. Be sure you get the latest version of any of Tufo’s MTB tires when you value performance. We’re pretty sure those can be recognized by the brown color on the inside of the tire.

RATING: 4.4 / 5
Highly Recommended

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