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Positive Sports Solutions Announces New Partnership

TQ-Group is a leading German technology company established in 1994 serving many different industries and sectors. As one of the largest technological service providers and electronics specialists inGermany, TQ-Group provides customized, innovative solutions for a wide range of industries and sectors – from development, production and other services to product life cycle management. TQ-Group also offers a complete range of in-house products such as embedded modules, basic boards, HMI systems, as well as drive and automation solutions. https://www.tq-group.com/en/


The newly launched TQ-HPR50 e-bike system is an absolute game changer. The TQ-HPR50 e-bike system is much more than just a drive system for e-bikes. Not only does it offer the most natural riding experience, but also, thanks to the lightweight and completely integrated system, the extremely quiet motor will make you forget you’re riding an e-bike.Finally an e-bike system that makes your e-bike look, sound, and most importantly, feel like an analogue bike. Only better!


 “The lightest, quietest and smallest system in its class. The TQ-HPR50 e-bike system creates mountain bikes that let you climb every mountain and clock even more downhills. It brings bikes to life that let you have more fun without having to compromise – We take care of the technology so you can enjoy the ride.” – Roman Stützer, TQ-Group

Trek launched the new Trek Fuel EXe with the new TQHPR-50 e-bike system at Eurobike last year, followed by Scott with the Lumen E ride and finally BMC with the Fourstroke AMP LT. These brands now feature additional models boasting the HPR-50 as the preferred drive unit.


“After being appointed as the exclusive importer,distributor and service centre for South Africa and the SADC by TQ-Systems. Knowingthat there is not always quality technical and backup service in SADC for all E-Bike systems, Positive Sports Solutions wants to ensure that this is not the case for bike brands equipped with TQ E-Bike systems. Positive Sports Solutions is providing all Guarantee, Warranty and Technical service to all retail stores inSADC selling bikes equipped with TQ E-Bike systems.” – Jaco Swanepoel, PositiveSports Solutions Procurement and Logistics Manager

“PositiveSports Solutions who distribute some of your favourite premium brands is proud and excited to have been given this opportunity” – Jaco Smit, Positive SportsSolutions Operations and General Manager

“We are super excited about the TQ-Group partnership. As a leadingdistributor of cycling products in SADC, we were asked many times when we wouldbe getting more involved with E-Bikes. The E-Bike industry is growing and wealways wanted to partner with a brand who is at the forefront of new,innovative, leading E-Bike technology.” – Dylan Girdlestone, Positive SportsSolutions Sales and Marketing Manager

For more information regarding this awesome new product, feel free to contact dylan@positivesportssolutions.co.za


For all Warranty, Guarantee and Technical Support, please contact jacos@positivesportssolutions.co.za



The Positive Sports Solutions Team