TOKEN Arsenal Carbon Super-light Road Bar

TOKEN Arsenal Carbon Road Racing Handlebar



The tops are flattened to spread out the pressure on the hands and make holding the bar more comfortable. The shape also makes it easier to hold on to, whether you are climbing steep hills or tearing along flat roads. The bars also have integrated cable routing to keep cables in place giving a much cleaner look. It’s also more comfortable to hold as your hands wont rest on the cables. The front of the tops also feature slight indentations so it is easier to hold the bar when you are giving it your all when grinding up a hill. At the bend, there is a slight depression that gives you another place to rest your hands. This is great if you want a similar position to the hoods without being so stretched out. The short reach makes it easier to ride with your hands on the hoods. With a drop of 125 mm, you’ll be able to comfortably ride on the drops. We’ve tuned the carbon fibre in these bars to make them more flexible and absorb bumps more easily. In fact, this bar best suits someone who likes riding all kinds of terrain and often faces nasty road surfaces. If you’re looking for an unmoving bar that refuses to flex no matter how hard you pull on it, look elsewhere.