The PressThread may be small but it’s packed with technology and is a great solution to riders facing problems with compatibility or unwanted noise. We start by making this adapter with our Fusion technology. The simple way to construct this adapter would be to use metal that would fit straight into the frame. However, this can cause damage to the frame and lead to premature wear. The safer way would be to use plastic or fibre covered aluminium but these have their own problems. Plastic tends to swell and deform when wet and this can lead to problems with fit and can cause bearings to move and have excessive wear. Fibre is too brittle to properly account for frame intolerances making it little better than alloy only.

By combining alloy, plastic and fibre, we are able to create an adapter that takes advantage of the best properties of all these materials. The aluminium provides a stable platform for the bearings so the bottom bracket lasts longer. The fibre and plastic are fused to make one material that can deform slightly to better fit the frame and eliminate squeaks. It can also be precisely machined and won’t deform when it becomes wet.

If you want to use your current Shimano or SRAM GXP bottom bracket and cranks with a PF30 frame then the PressThread is the solution for you. It’s priced lower than a new bottom bracket and can be reused without problem.

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FRAME TYPE PF30 (ψ46×68 / 73mm)
BSA Thread (BC1.37″*24Tx68/73mm)
CRANK TYPE Shimano (ψ24mm)
SRAM GXP (ψ24-22mm)
WEIGHT 60 g / set


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