BEARING SIZE 9 x 20 x 6mm


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TOKEN TBT Tiramic Bearings

TOKEN TBT Tiramic Bearings (Tiramic Bearing Technology) deliver outstanding performance. Ceramic balls are 60% lighter than steel, extremely durable, smoother and accelerate faster than their steel counterparts.

TOKEN TBT Tiramic Bearings are made with ceramic balls and extremely hard races for very low rolling resistance and long-lasting performance.

TBT is the name we have given to our special ceramic bearings because they are different than “standard” ceramic bearings. The ball bearings in our TBT bearings are ceramic so they are very, very round and very hard. They won’t deform and increase their surface area under the weight of a rider, which leads to more resistance and slows you down. The one problem with ceramic balls is they are very hard and easily damage standard races made of stainless or normal steel. Without a specially designed race, in a short time you’ll end up with a lot more friction than standard set of sealed bearings. To fix the problem of soft races, we coat our steel races in titanium nitride. The titanium nitride coating is serves two functions – it protects the races from corrosion from the balls themselves. Titanium nitride is very hard so the ceramic balls don’t damage the races as easily as non-treated races. In addition, the coating protects the steel from corrosion so TBT bearings can be used year-round without any worries. When compared with standard bearings, TOKEN TBT Tiramic Bearings are lighter and have less friction so if you are looking for an edge, these are the bearings you want.