LYNX Dropper Seatpost

Dropper post


  • Bar-mounted remote uses a superior gimbal-based design for easier activation and better ergonomics.
  • Remote constructed from super-tough engineering thermoplastic, as seen in motorcycle helmets, skis and ski boots.
  • Available in two diameters: 27.2mm for Gravel and 30.9mm, 31.6mm, 34.9mm for MTB
  • Available in two travel lengths: 50mm and 100mm for Gravel, 100mm, 125mm and 150mm for MTB
  • Strong and light aluminum chassis contributes to a low all-up weight of 590g.
  • Anodised for a tough, non-slip and long-lasting finish.
  • Inline clamp is ideal for steepening/shortening frames with slack seat angles.
  • Partners perfectly with Controltech saddles.


  • Spec:27.2mm/30.9mm / 31.6mm/34.9mm
  • Travel:50mm/100mm (Gravel 27.2mm) 100mm/125mm /150mm /170mm (MTB 30.9 / 31.6 / 34.9)
  • Length:50mm:350mm / 100mm:350mm / 125mm:375.5mm / 150mm:437.5mm
  • Weight:50mm: 410g / 100mm: 465g / 125mm: 575g / 150mm: 570g
  • Finish:Anodized black
  • Feature:Engineering plastic remote control with gimbals design for better ergonomics