Ignite Ti Saddle Oilslick 143mm

Supacaz Ignite Titanium Saddle – 143mm – oil slick

The Supacaz Ignite was equipped with a carbon reinforced shell, titanium rails and a short saddle nose. Combined with the ergonomic neckline, it allows you to sit further forward without putting excessive pressure on sensitive tissue.

The curved shape, which allows the saddle to rise backwards and lift the nose a little, is ideal for riders who lack a little flexibility and want more support, but still offers a good position for those who want to combine a healthy dose of performance with the necessary comfort. As you would expect from Supacaz, the stylish design is completed by a detailed logo print and matching rails with an Oilslick finish.


Details of the Supacaz Ignite Titanium Saddle

  • Super Stiff Carbon Injected Base
  • 7x7mm Hollow Titanium Round Rails
  • Ergonomic Cutout
  • Short nose design for multiple sitting positions
  • Kush Foam Technology fuses comfort and performance
  • Signature Pure PU compound gives maximum grip in wet and dry conditions
  • Anatomic Intelligence (Ai) Technology.R&D optimizes ergonomics and comfort
  • suitable for Road and MTB
  • narrow version with 143mm


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Supacaz Ignite Titanium Saddle – 143mm – oil slick

Product Name: Supacaz Ignite Titanium Saddle – 143mm – oil slick
Manufacturer: Supacaz
Item Code: SCZ506055
activity: Bike
gender: men, unisex
usage bikesport: Road Bike, MTB
rail clamp style: round rails
pressure relief: with Relief / Cutout
saddle cover: Synthetic
saddle rails: Titanium
saddle rail diamater: 7
saddle padding: Foam
Model year: 2021
Color: Multicolored
weight: 255g
manufacturer item code: SD-17GTN