1-1/8″ 3D Spacer – 10mm


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Headset spacers are a necessary, but unloved part of the bike, serving to space out the stem on theforks steerer tube. Unless you have the stem slammed, you’ll likely have a few spacers.

Most new bikes come with plain black spacers, a bit boring I think you’ll agree. These TOKEN spacers will certainly spice up your bike with a splash of difference. They’re a unique design, being CNC-machined alloy with cutaway segments, and inside is an opaque plastic collar.

They’re available in two heights, 5mm and 10mm, and weigh 3.1g and 6.1g respectively. I’ve never actually weighed headset spacers but they’re about par for the course. 

Their unique design looks very smart on the bike and aesthetically is preferable to plain black spacers. If you’ve upgraded every part of your bicycle, or are starting a new build and want some cool looking spacers, these are an awesome option to get.