Our mission is to create strong, lasting partnerships with top global brands, and in turn, offer the highest quality goods to the Southern African Development Community. To date, we have established relationships with brands from across the globe, including; Spain, the USA, Germany, Czech Republic, and Italy.


HEAD Bikes SA is backed by the global HEAD brand; a world-renowned ski and tennis brand that, in recent years, started developing and producing their own premium-range bicycles.

With each model, HEAD focuses on the technology of new frames, alignment and design. This is followed by selecting the correct components and additions, and, of course, keeping up with trends when choosing colours.

All head bikes are designed and manufactured in accordance and within the UCI Constitution and Regulations for equipment to be used in competition across the different cycling disciplines.




In 1844, Westfalia founder Johann Bernard Knöbel established his blacksmith’s shop and, in 1932, invented the towbar with towball. In 1966, with the nut system, Westfalia was the first to manufacture removeable towbar. Westfalia has a rich history of developing innovative and first of a kind towbars. Westfalia-automotive designs its bicycle carriers with your needs squarely in mind – easy to mount on the towbar, extremely compact and ultra-safe. These bicycle carriers are engineered to fold to compact dimensions and feature adjustable wheel holders to ensure perfect grip on any bike, as well as a fold-down mechanism that facilitates free access to the boot.




Gipiemme was founded in Milan in 1964 as a standard mechanical workshop. After establishing itself in the industry, focus began on the design and production of third-party bicycle parts and components, until finally producing its own complete group sets. The most famous being the Bagar, Cronosprint, Alto and Azzurro lines. In the years that followed, Gipiemme affirmed its reputation as one of the world’s main producers for complete cycling groups and strives to continue innovating on its range of products.

Gipiemme has a wide range of high-quality carbon fiber and aluminium alloy wheels. The Italian-based brand has a variety of road and time trial wheels. Gipiemme’s modern wheels offer a re-styled and renewed range, which were developed after many years of research, technology development and testing. This has resulted in a new and complete range of performance wheels that lighten agonistic efficiency.



Located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States, Controltech USA produced its first bike product – a lightweight bar end – in 1989. It wasn’t long before they developed an enviable reputation for expertise with aluminum. They quickly became famous for crafting light, strong and cleverly-designed bicycle components from a range of high-spec alloys.

Controltech is a world-leader in bicycle component design. The combination of sound engineering and high-quality materials practically guarantees the lifelong performance you expect.

Controltech’s state-of-the-art manufacturing technology would be nothing without the cutting-edge innovation of their Global Research & Development Team – who work on every single component from idea to prototype to final production design.



LUCK® was established in 1990 in Spain by Juan Jose Pascual, but the origin of the brand dates back a little further. Juan’s father, like many in town, worked in one of the factories producing footwear. He was an avid cyclist and, with the appropriate tools at his disposal, he started making his own cycling shoes in his spare time. Juan’s father only made small amounts of shoes and eventually opened a bike shop in the town. It’s still there, stocking a full range of his son’s LUCK® shoes. It wasn’t until the late 1980s when Juan, inspired by his dad’s shoes, decided to use the town’s craftsmanship and skill to start LUCK®. With more than 25 years of experience in the international cycling sector, LUCK® offers products that stand out for their technology, quality and competitive prices. Their international presence is evident in hundreds of points of sale throughout the world.



1986 brought about the first ever Canadian Mountain Bike Championships. The competition spanned a few days and finished in Whistler with local boy, Brent Martin, coming out on top. Shortly after being crowned Canadian Champion, Brent founded RYDERS EYEWEAR. His goal was simple—provide cyclists of all stripes with high quality, performance-oriented eyewear that they wouldn’t hesitate to use, especially in the most destructive conditions. But it wasn’t just about eyewear and bikes. He was determined to remain actively entrenched in the cycling community. For the past 30 years, RYDERS has stayed true to Brent’s vision.

RYDERS EYEWEAR continues to design, develop and test their products in their own backyard, ensuring that every piece stands up to the treacherous nature of the north shore. If it meets the demands of biking in this region, we find it easily performs for almost any other athletic endeavor.