Where To Buy Tow Bar Bike Racks in South Africa

If you’re planning on doing some travelling this year for your cycling efforts, be it for a trip to the coast with friends and family or if you’re planning on competing in some cycling challenges, having the correct gear to transport your bicycle from A to B is something you should factor into your planning. Buying a tow bar bike rack can be the solution to your problem, and finding the correct one based on your car make and model can ensure that you don’t run into any problems in the lead up to the trip. Today, we’ll explore the benefits of a tow bar bike rack, as well as pointing you in the right direction for making your next purchase. 

The Benefits of a Tow Bar Bike Rack

Tow bar racks mount directly onto the tow bar of your vehicle, leaving the roof free to carry other loads if need be. This also avoids you having to remove the wheel of the bicycle and stowing it inside the back of the car, taking up a bulk of the boot and back seat space. This is particularly impractical if you’re travelling with a group of people or you have a lot of luggage. Remember that you may need to get an extra number plate if the rack you buy obstructs yours in any way. Some models do account for this, while also giving easy access to the boot in the process. This is where a bit of research can be very handy. 

Rack and Carry

Rack and Carry is a business in its thirteenth year of operation, but it doesn’t seem like the number has brought them any bad luck in recent years. They supply products across the country and have solidified their customer base in the process. Traditionally involved in providing rack and carry solutions of all kinds, bike racks are just one of the facets of their business, also offering products to help carry ladders, luggage, kayaks, surfboards and more. Give them a call to learn more about the tow bar bike racks they have in stock, and ask about their price lists, which are traditionally very competitive. 

Positive Sports Solutions

If it’s great carriers you’re looking for, look no further than Positive Sports Solutions. Having just welcomed three new partners to their arsenal towards the end of 2019, the company is growing rapidly and is continuing its foothold as a premier sports equipment supplier.  Their Westfalia 2-bike and 3-bike racks are popular among their online clientele, both retailing for under R10 000. Constantly updating their products to match consumer needs, the team works tirelessly to ensure they offer the most innovative and tech facing products on the market, in a bid to remain ahead of their competitors. 


Thule has a long standing history dating back to 1942 in Sweden, taking a passion for cycling and turning it into an international business. Their goal is to always ensure that anything you transport gets there safely: regardless of whether it is you personally, or a product you use as part of a bid to lead a more active life. The brand loves that great outdoors and this is evident when looking at their vast range of products on offer. Their tow bar racks include the EasyFold, EuroWay and HangOn ranges, each catering to different cyclist needs. Talk to one of their consultants about any future products coming into the store soon, as perhaps you can capitalise on some new stock as you embark on a journey to be more active in 2020 and beyond.