Where To Buy Road Bike Wheels in Johannesburg

If your love for cycling has you hitting the road each week, exploring every crook and nanny in the city, there may come a time when you have to start thinking about replacing your wheels. This could be due to traditional wear and tear, or be related to you wanting to upgrade your existing bicycle, possibly as a result of wanting to make your cycling routine as comfortable as possible. Whatever your reasons, knowing where to look for new bicycle wheels can be overwhelming, so we’ve decided to make life a little easier for you, especially if you’re based in the Gauteng area.

How Long Do Road Bike Wheels Last?

This is a great question, and people have differing opinions on this. For some, rim lifespans may be as short as 2500km, while others have registered spans of up to five times that. It all depends on the quality of the product and the terrain you are accustomed to ride on. You’ll only know for sure once you’ve completed a full cycle with a set of wheels, and perhaps you’re at that point now. Typically, if you’re paying for a product that comes equipped with technological innovations to keep you on the road for longer, you’re likely to experience better results than with “off the rack” wheels. 

Using Road Bikes For Their Primary Purpose

Another consideration to keep in mind regarding the wear and tear of your wheels, is where you are riding your road bike. These bikes are specifically designed to be used on smooth pavements, and do not have the same characteristics as mountain bikes. The tyres on road bikes are smooth and skinny, and often lighter than other types. These bikes can feel very uncomfortable on other terrains, so be careful to use it for purposes over and above what it is meant to deliver in the first place. 

Road Bike Wheel Brands You Can Trust

For many of us, especially if you’re a casual rider, a wheel might just look like, well… a wheel. Don’t be tempted into buying the first one you see, especially not if you’re just buying based on its price. Explore a couple of brands like Controltech, Gipiemme, Token and SRT and ask around about which brands your fellow riders have had good experiences with. If you’re new to cycling, ask around on online forums, or scroll through a hashtag on Instagram to get the scoop. With a world of knowledge at your fingertips, you can mobilise all forces to ensure that you make the best possible buying decision for yourself in the process. 

A Great Deal on Road Wheels

Johannesburg based Positive Sports Solutions is known for offering some great deals on their online store, but few people realise just how often they run specials on road bike wheels in particular. At any given time, you’re likely to find a special price on between five and eight product ranges in their catalogue, which is a great way to snap up a new set of wheels for less than you would pay in a traditional store. Better yet, they’ll be able to give you expert advice and guidance before you make a purchasing decision. With 27 products to choose from in this specific range, you won’t find a better deal elsewhere.