Where To Buy Mountain Bike Shoes in South Africa

When it comes to cycling, finding the correct shoes can be just as important as having the correct bicycle. On a tough day, the correct gear can help to pull you through your ride, or give you an extra bit of comfort in unsettling conditions. Knowing where to look to find the right shoes, especially if you’ve been prone to injuries in the past, is something that should be prioritised by riders of all skill levels. Let’s explore some of the best places to buy mountain bike shoes today, while also considering what exactly makes a mountain bike shoe high quality, especially with so much competition on the market. 

What Makes For a High Quality Mountain Bike Shoe?

A high quality mountain bike shoe wears many hats, so to speak. The shoe should have a solid platform, in order to deliver power to the pedals. It also needs to be constructed well, so it can keep your feet protected, even as wear & tear starts to sink in. Your feet need to be properly secured for long days on a trail ride, and if you’re going to run into problems halfway through an expedition, it will be a serious mood dampener and likely slow down the experience tremendously. A high quality shoes looks and feels good, while making sure it ticks the boxes in terms of assisting you with remaining protected and supported regardless of the scope of the ride. 

Positive Sports Solutions

Positive Sports Solutions is a great place to start your search for your next mountain bike shoe. Their online store hosts a collection of high quality, affordable products including the PRO, designed with a new D40 carbon sole and extremely light, retailing at less than R3000 a pair. Their range allows you to customise colours based on your choice and even gives you the opportunity to get direct help via a chat portal on the website. Needless to say, these guys are experts in the field and they are more than happy to accomodate questions related to all levels of cycling, assisting you with finding the correct gear quickly and easily. 


CWC is known for being one of the biggest online cycling goods stores in the Southern hemisphere. A family business, the store currently employs more than 20 employees in their physical store, putting a lot of emphasis on growing their in-house expertise and being a one-stop shop for finding whatever you may need related to cycling. Some of the popular mountain bike shoes for sale on their store include brands like Shimano, Olympic and Ryder, each in a range of colours and with some even selling for a special rate. The latest discounts on their online store were for savings of between 24 and 51%, so be sure to give them a go if you’re looking on a bit of a tight budget this month. 

Cycle Lab

Cycle Lab is a one-stop bike shopping destination, with megastores in Fourways, Durban, Pretoria, Boksburg and Cape Town. Aside from this, their online store is particularly impressive, boasting gear and shoes for riders of all shapes and sizes. What we love about their mountain bike shoes range is the variety, which facilitates more informed decision making from their customers. Their stock always keeps two considerations in mind: quality and control. Whether you need a new mountain bike, or shoes, they’ve got you covered, and would be happier for you to be out on the road enjoying the breeze sooner rather than later.