Where To Buy Mountain Bike Accessories in South Africa

There are some distinct differences between road and mountain cycling, and anyone who has tried both will tell you that they are completely different beasts altogether. If mountain biking is your cycling type of choice, you may have come to learn about the importance of having the right accessories to compliment your rides. If you’re a usual road cyclist attempting mountain biking for the first time, we’ve got you covered in terms of some of the accessories you should consider getting before you set out on this new chapter in your cycling journey.

Basic Mountain Bike Accessories To Consider

Any cyclist has to remember the three most important items to carry with them at all times: nutrition, hydration and identification. These are cycling staples, and are even more important if you’re venturing off on a dirt road along a vast mountain landscape. A couple of basic accessories you should think about getting your hands on to ensure that the experience turns out to be a positive one each time, include spare tubes, a patch kit, a tire pump and chain lube. While there is a long list of basic accessories for sale at any bicycle retailer, sometimes it helps to think about your individual needs as well. Something like lip balm, which is often overlooked, can be a great help after a few hours in the scorching South African sun.

Accessories for the More Serious Mountain Biker

If you’re already a more serious mountain biker with some experience under their belt, there are a few other accessories that you should take a look at. Hydration packs are nifty and can give you what you need to keep performing irrespective of how long a ride may be. Knee, shin or elbow pads are handy if you’re venturing into particularly complicated terrain. Night lights can turn getting lost into an adventure, perhaps even helping you to navigate your way back to safety if you get lost. Protective glasses and removable lenses are never wasted irrespective of where you ride. Last but not least, a POV camera can help you to record your ride, while also giving you some great content to use for social media later.

Buying Based On The Type of MTB Experience You’re Looking For

Mountain biking can typically be broken down into a couple of categories, namly trail riding, all mountain, downhill, cross country, freeride and dirt jumping. Irrespective of the category you fall in, the sport requires endurance, core strength, balance and self reliance. Once you know which type you’re more likely to lean towards, it will help you to buy accessories that are specifically geared towards this particular branch of the sport. Places like Positive Sports Solutions are a good starting point once you’ve got this figured out, as their catalogue caters for the casual and serious mountain biker at the same time. From bags, socks, gloves, grips and the more advanced accessories mentioned here today, they’ve got you covered and will have you ready to go for your next ride before you even know it.

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