Where To Buy Bicycles Online During COVID-19

With most brick & mortar unable to operate as a result of lockdown restrictions, a lot of businesses have turned their attention to online offerings, especially if they have been unable to trade at the height of the pandemic. The cycling industry has had to face this new reality, especially in light of people being unable to leave their homes to exercise aside from a set time and with specific instructions according to the government. Cycling has tremendous physical and mental health benefits, so if you’re looking to preempt the “new normal” and get your hands to a cycle for when restrictions are eased, knowing where to look for a great deal can make a world of difference.

Looking After Your Health Post-Lockdown

For many of us, the lockdown has included weeks of stay at home orders, with minimal activity possible aside from online courses and classes, doing jumping jacks and even dusting off the old skipping rope. Physical activity has tremendous health benefits in terms of helping to prevent heart and other diseases, but many people underestimate just how important it is to retaining good mental health as well. The world will be forever changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, which will lead to formal health regulations we won’t be able to get around. In an informal sense, we will also have a greater responsibility to look after our health, which includes prioritising physical activity like running, walking and cycling once it is safe to go out and do so regularly. 

Online Buying as the New Normal

The pandemic period has also resulted in people all over the world getting used to online buying as the new normal, rather than a “nice to have”. From groceries to essential item delivery, many of us have been exposed to it as a must-have in order to meet basic human needs. The increased demand has showcased that the world has a while to go until online buying can be predominantly banked on, but with the fear of human contact growing all the more prominent, online buying may become the new normal quicker than anticipated. Knowing how to go about buying something online, even when it comes to buying a new bicycle or gear, can help curb expectations for the future. 

Preparing Physically and Mentally To Get Back Out There

As the COVID-19 curve starts to flatten out over the coming months, many of us will be mentally fatigued from the anxiety and fear of the unknown. Needless to say, unless you’ve stuck to a workout routine from home (or had access to equipment at home), you may not be in the best physical shape relative to the start of 2020. Setting small goals will help, and nothing is a better motivator than buying something that you’ll be able to use for your physical and mental health when all of this is over. A bicycle not only ticks those boxes, but will also help to increase your exposure to nature, boost up social interaction (once allowed) and allow you to explore something entirely new, if you’ve never been part of a cycling community before. Getting there will take baby steps, and one at a time.

Getting Your Hands on a Bicycle Online

In the midst of the pandemic, the last thing you want is to have to expend energy on finding a reputable provider to buy a bicycle from. Look no further than Positive Sports Solutions, a company that has a reputation for delivering high quality products at affordable rates, coupled with good service. They’ve kept going during the course of the pandemic, navigating new challenges and turning their focus towards online sales. With a long history in the industry, they haven’t shown any signs of slowing down, and would be happy to assist you in preparation of getting out there and starting up a new hobby as we head into an uncertain second half of 2020.

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