Where To Buy Bicycle Kits in Johannesburg

A great cyclist has the full package when it comes to their bicycle, gear, and even the clothes they wear during a ride. Finding a cycling kit that is not only comfortable but practical doesn’t need to be a challenge, and can be a very exciting experience. This is not only a chance for you to express your individual style, especially if you’re a solo rider, but is a great way to enhance the overall experience of getting out onto the road, especially when weathering tricky conditions and terrains. Let’s explore some of the best bicycle kit suppliers for you to browse on your search to find a new kit. 

Why The Right Cycling Kit Can Make All The Difference

Plainly put, the right cycling kit makes all the difference as it makes you a more efficient rider overall. Proper cycling clothing can help with conserving energy during your ride, as well as assisting you with going faster in the correct conditions. Cycling clothing is more aerodynamic than traditional wear, largely because it is a tighter fit with practically no space for flapping fabric. This helps across the board and gives you as close as possible of an experience to cycling with no clothing or resistance. Some cyclists liken clothing outfits to wetsuits for swimmers, effectively mimicking the same process, in order to maximise performance and output. 

Positive Sports Solutions

Positive Sports Solutions has a reputation for being a quality sportswear provider, catering to a range of different audiences within the cycling space. When it comes to buying a high-quality bicycle kit, they’ve got you covered. Popular products they keep in stock include the SRT Bibshorts, which come in black, as well as the TOKEN cycling club jersey and bib shorts. Most of their products are more affordable than you would find other brick and mortar stores, making them a popular choice for cyclists looking to take their hobby to the next level without breaking the bank.

Olympic Cycles

Olympic Cycles is a well established brand which was created back in 1936 by a man called Alfred ames Lind. Aware of the fast pace of the cycling industry, and expecting technology to change the game regularly, the company has kept up pace over the years by ensuring it is run by active cyclists and enthusiasts with an eye on international trends. They cater to the serious, recreational or the experimenting crowds, ensuring the sport is accessible to many, particularly in a quest to lead a more balanced and healthy lifestyle. Also check out their bicycle range, which tops out at over 300 products to date.


Ciovita is a well known company catering for cycling kits designed for both sexes. Combining sportsweat with fashion, they design their kits with road or mountain biking users in mind. Utilising their experience in the industry, and always with one eye on designs at the Tour de France, their team truly embraces the brand name, which is Latin for “Life in Motion”. This philosophy carries over into how they go about their product designs, coupled with a general view towards ongoing innovation. Explore some of their choices if you’re looking to get yourself out on the road sooner rather than later.