Where To Buy Bicycle Accessories in South Africa

When it comes to enhancing your cycling experience, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rider, knowing where to go to find great service and the best deals can make all the difference. While cycling is traditionally considered somewhat of an expensive hobby, especially if you get more serious about it, by buying from the correct sources you not only ensure that you buy products that are long lasting, but are also designed with your safety in mind. As with any hobby, investing in it is seen as a form of self care, which helps with maintaining good mental health in the long run.

Typical Bicycle Accessories

Traditionally, cycling requires a fair amount of accesories as you begin your journey with the sport, and the more serious your riding becomes, the more you’ll look to replace accessories as a result of wear-and-tear, and in a bid to improve your performance on the road. Some typical bicycle accessories that you will likely be adding to your list includes a cycling helmet, bike lock, pedals, shorts, a waterproof jacket (helping out in those unexpected thunderstorms), reflectors and more. Some more advanced cycling accessories include a cycling computer, or a smart watch, to help track your performance, as well as how your body is adjusting to the cycle. 

Important Factors To Keep In Mind

When buying any of these accessories, it’s important to keep three considerations in mind: quality, warranty and price. Investing more upfront for a higher quality product, especially from a reputable brand, can save you a fair amount of money down the line. Your maintenance costs will be far less. Ask about the warranties attached to certain products, and when it comes to some “big ticket” accessories, it helps to ensure the products are under warranty, as they will be more expensive to replace. Price is a major consideration in all of this, and it pays to shop around, or to ask for some suggestions from other riders. The more you engage with products, and the more experienced you become as a rider, the more likely you’ll find what works for you, and tailor your purchases according to that. 

Buying New Bicycle Accessories

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