Where To Buy a Towbar Bike Rack in South Africa

If you’re an active cyclist looking to travel the country to make the most of your new obsession, you’re going to need to think practically about how you’ll get yourself and all your gear from place-to-place. If you’ve got a car this will be a lot easier than having to rely on others, but if you’re worried about the correct way to transport your bike, which certainly won’t fit into your car in one piece, there are some options for you to consider. Let’s discuss towbar bike racks and the best places you can go to find something that fits exactly what your needs are. 

What is a Towbar Bike Rack?

If your a first time cyclist, you may be wondering what makes a towbar bike rack more appealing than some of the others. This is largely dependant on the bike you have, as well as on the make of your vehicle. Towbar racks only work for cars that have a tow bar, of course, and other alternatives to explore if your car doesn’t, include rear spare wheel or mounted rear door racs. The most versatile of the bunch is generally one mounted to the back door of the car, although you should also research specs and specifics in your area with regards to local traffic laws, to avoid getting pulled over as a result of safety concerns. 

Positive Sports Solutions

If you’re looking for a towbar rack in particular, or you’re keen to see a full range of options, Positive Sports Solutions can be a great way to get things going. Known for being an international distributor of bike parts and accessories, this Sandton based company has a reputation for offering high quality products, and their bike racks are not different. What we like about them in particular is the warranties offered on their products, coupled with efficient service, which makes buying anything new for your bicycle a great experience, rather than feeling like somewhat of a chore. 


Thule is a well established carrier of roof, towbar, rear and truck door bike racks. When it comes to helping you find a solution for all possible solutions, these guys have got you covered. Their hitch bike racks are particularly easy to install, and can carry between one and five bikes. While naturally important to be practical, it helps that their designs are modern and beautifully finished, which adds some sophistication not commonly seen by other suppliers. If you’re looking for where to start, their buyers guide is great, and three options to look at right off the bat include the EasyFold XT 2, XT 3 and the Euroway G2-2 Bike Carrier. 

Rack and Carry

Rack and Carry considers bike racks an essential part of being in the cycling community, but they’re aware of the fact that there are many styles for consumers to choose from. Their motto is to help customers find what will work best for them, based on their individual needs. What we like about them, is their ability to explain the importance of a bike rack, detailing what you should be looking for whether you drive a 4×4 or a different type of vehicle. It can be easy to get carried away with their online catalogue, so make sure you spend some time figuring out what you’re looking for before hopping onto their website, which may end up occupying hours of your time. Good luck on the search!