Where To Buy a Bicycle Carrier in South Africa

As you cycle more, and form part of the cycling community, you may grow very attached to your bicycle. So much so, that you’ll likely look after it in the same way you would look after a car, or anything else you’ve invested some time, energy and resources into. When it comes to transporting your bike from A to B, whether that is as simple as a Sunday morning ride, or if you’re going to take part in a challenge somewhere across the country, a part of the care process includes having the right means to transport it safely, practically and without worrying about damage. 

What is a Bicycle Carrier?

A bicycle carrier, commonly referred to as a bike rack, is a device that can attach to a car, bus or other modes of transport to help you do so safely and securely. Carrier is a slightly ambiguous term, as it can also be confused for a parking rack, which is typically a space where you can store your bicycle attached to a lock to ensure it remains secure and free from theft. Bicycle carriers come in a variety of forms, some attached to the roof, others to the back of the car, and it not only saves you practical space on your travels, but also helps you to avoid having to remove one of the wheels and shoving the bike into the boot space (if yours is even big enough) each time you want to go for a longer ride.

Bike Addict

Finding the right bicycle carrier in South Africa can be done at a couple of reputable stores, which we’ll discuss today. The first place you can try is Bike Addict. Located in Malmesbury in the Western Cape, these guys offer products from the leading suppliers in the world. Originally started in 2014, they carry a variety of bicycle carriers as part of their online catalogue, with expert cyclist Johann Rabie at the helm to give you the right advice about which one will work best for your lifestyle. Bike Addict is a small town business turned major distributor, but it’s nice to see they still offer flexibility on their delivery costs, working to minimise the burden on the consumer regardless of order price.

Positive Sports Solutions

Positive Sports Solutions is a specialist importer and distributor of a variety of sports related items. Having built partnerships across the world, they now offer some of the highest quality goods across the southern hemisphere. When it comes to cycling equipment, these guys are known for stocking the best items, at often the best prices you can find. Their bike carriers selection of high-end Treefrog carriers that come in all shapes and sizes. You won’t struggle to find the right fit for your vehicle, or your lifestyle, and their consultants are always more than happy to give you a recommendation for something that will also best suit your budget. 


Holdfast is somewhat of an underrated market entrant, and a hidden gem it certainly is. The company has been around since the eighties, primarily focusing on manufacturing roof and bike racks. It didn’t take long for them to start distributing to Europe, and this led to innovation of their products, even designing some roof racks tailoring to rain gutters. As these became less prominent in newer models, they adapted again, producing suction-pad fishing rod holders, as well as other changes to their products to cater to the need of the times. Holdfast has one eye on the future with their products, so finding a bike carrier with them is an easy way to ensure you won’t need to replace the rack anytime soon.