Top Bicycle Wheel Supplier in South Africa

When you’re an avid cyclist, keeping your bike components maintained and up to scratch is something that comes with the territory. Some parts are more important than others, and it’s safe to say that a majority of people are aware of the importance of having the correct bicycle wheels in working order, to ensure an enjoyable and safe cycling experience. When it comes to finding the right wheels, where do you turn to in order to find high quality products at an affordable price? Let’s delve into this a bit today, while also looking at ways to maintain your wheels better, as well as what you should expect to pay when replacing them in the long run. 

Bicycle Wheels and Road Safety

It goes without saying that the quality and level of your bicycle wheels will have a major impact on your safety on the road. Doing what you can in order to avoid a flat or burst tyre can be the difference between a nasty fall and an enjoyable Sunday morning ride along the Cape coast. Having a maintenance plan in place for all the components of your bike, regardless of your level or how regularly you cycle, benefits everyone. Speak to a professional about some of the more important parts to keep in mind, and set a schedule for yourself around how and when you’ll be performing routine maintenance, similarly to how you would do with a car. 

Tips For Maintaining Your Bicycle Wheels

There are a couple of things that you can do to help maintain your bicycle wheels in the short term. Firstly, make sure you clean your tyres regularly, as this not only makes them look good, but gives you the chance to check the pressure from time to time. Maintaining the correct air pressure is important, and it can help to have a pump handy at home, or to have a specific place in mind to get your tyres pumped when you need to. Also make sure that you’re tyres are suitable to the terrains that you are riding on. If you’re not 100% sure, get some advice before making your next purchase. 

What Should You Pay For New Bicycle Wheels?

When it comes time to replace your bicycle wheels, or you’re looking for wheels that could give you access to a new terrain, you should expect to pay anywhere from R4000 to R30 000 per wheel, depending on brand, quality and warranty. This can seem like a substantial investment, but keep in mind that you won’t be replacing wheels too regularly. It also helps to invest a little bit more upfront, in order to make sure you don’t buy something that has to be replaced in the very near future. Many bicycle shops have payment plan options or even offer in-house credit, which is worth asking about if you’re trying to ease up on your cashflow a little bit. 

An All-Inclusive Solution: Positive Sports Solutions

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