Top Bicycle Shops in Cape Town in 2020

There’s no denying that the COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenge to navigate for everyone, especially so to the people who have been used to being outdoors on their bicycles most weekends in the past. The Cape Town cycling community is a strong one, and while lockdown restrictions have made it difficult to move around freely, once the pandemic subsides the opportunity to do so will be back on the table for everyone. Perhaps you’ve never been a cyclist, and are looking to get started once it is safe to do so. While reputable places like Positive Sports Solutions do ship to Cape Town and other parts of the country, heading directly for the store can provide somewhat of a different experience, especially if you’re a first timer looking to explore a new hobby.

The Formidable Cycling Community in Cape Town

The first thing you should know about the cycling community in Cape Town is that it is like a big family. Club members spend ample time together, be it out on the road or socialising after. Many consider these groups like an extended family, and with the number of people joining clubs and cycling communities each year continuing to increase, and with an expected increase once life returns to a “new normal” in the next couple of years, you’ll be in good company whether you’re looking to cycle casually or if you have aspirations to take part in the sport a little more seriously.

Olympic Cycles

If you’re looking for a good bicycle shop in Cape Town, look no further than Olympic Cycles. With shops in Kenilworth and Claremont, their teams offer ample equipment and expertise irrespective of rider level and what their individual needs are. The business was established all the way back in 1936 and is now a fourth generation family business. This doesn’t make them old fashioned however, as their range of products are typically on trend, and regularly updated too. Their sale items (available to see on their website) usually offer a great bargain as well.

Bike Mob

Bike Mob probably doesn’t mean to sound fancier than they are when they refer to themselves as “purveyors of fine cycling”. Perhaps this is related to the fact that they import some of the best premium brands on the market. Fueled by a drive to provide cyclists with products to enhance their cycling experiences and ‘war stories’, the company, which is located in Tokai, offers new products as well as bicycle services. They are one of only a handful suppliers that offer in-house services and building a relationship with their team could mean feeling like you have the backing of a group of professionals even if you’re just a casual rider.

Giant Cape Town

Giant is well known as one of the most prominent cycling brands in the industry, and with good reason. The company is a full-scale conglomerate that spans across continents and offers good quality bicycles and accessories year after year. Their Cape Town store, which is located on Hans Strijdom avenue, is probably one of the neatest and most organised stores you’ll find in the city. From bikes, to gear and services, chat to Jason and Thomas about your needs. You’ll be out on the road before you even know it. 

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