Top Bicycle Accessories Suppliers in South Africa

When it comes to getting the right accessories for all your cycling adventures, it can be difficult to know where to start your search. You may just be needing something small to help increase the safety of your rides, or you may even want something advanced to help you keep track of your time spent out on the road or gravel. Having access to the right accessories to turn a good cycle into a great one has never been easier, thanks to the following reputable suppliers who are all based in South Africa. 

Cycling Accessories That Will Come In Handy

Before beginning your search, knowing which accessories will come in handy may give you a few options to choose from, or even broaden the scope of what you may need. This all depends on the type of cyclist you are, as serious and casual riders will likely need different items relative to their individual goals. What usually happens, is that the amount of accessories you explore increases as you get deeper into the sport. From basics like a bicycle lock, helmet or a suitable jacket for rainy days, as you immerse yourself further into the industry you may start exploring accessories that help measure your performance, like a cycling computer or a smart watch. These tend to act as great motivators, while also giving you black and white stats related to each of your rides. 

Positive Sports Solutions

Whether you need basic or advanced equipment, Positive Sports Solutions is likely to tick all your boxes. They’ve got such a vast catalogue of cycling accessories that it would take the rest of the article to go through all of their best-selling options. WIth such a wide variety, you may worry about choosing the right brands, especially if you are new to the industry. Positive Sports Solutions is known for their work with reputable brands only, so you don’t have to worry too much about that. If you’re needing a bit of extra advice before you drop some cash on a new piece of equipment, check in with their team first. They’ll be more than happy to assist, often giving a few options for consumers to choose from as well. 

Bike Market

Bike Market is another great bicycle accessories supplier in South Africa, boasting 115 different accessories on their online store as of April 2020. This includes cycling computers, brush kits and even degreasers, each of which come in very handy in various circumstances. The company was started with a mission to get more people on bikes, and as a result of the extensive product range on offer at any given time, it’s safe to say the job has been done so far. The website offers a collection of new and pre-owned bicycle goods, which allows you to find something in your price range with minimal effort. Some accessories are better to buy new, especially if you’ll be using them a lot. Keep this in mind before you make a purchasing decision. 

Cycle Central

Cycle Central is a great space for people to list their equipment for sale, growing steadily as one of the leading bike trading platforms in South Africa. The website is known for its great prices and variety of products for sale at any given time. The site is run as a free service, meaning you won’t be charged additional fees for purchases. This is a blessing of course, but it also means you might not have as much buyer protection as you would have at a typical retailer like Positive Sports Solutions. Regardless of this, Cycle Central is perfect for seeing what’s out there at the moment, as well as an opportunity to get some practical feedback about an item from the seller directly, before you decide to enter your card details.