The Best Local Bicycle Brands in South Africa Right Now

The search for the best bicycle accessories and parts can be tricky, especially when it comes to the globalised nature of the industry. South Africa is known as being a prominent cycling nation, with riders from all walks of life enjoying the sport and making a hobby out of it most weekends after a long work week. Perhaps you’re looking to help boost the local economy a little more with your next purchase, so why not explore some of the best local bicycle brands in South Africa right now? At times, we’re prone to go with what others are buying, but often you can get high quality products by knocking on a couple of doors closer to home first. Let’s explore two of the top local brands making a splash in the bike industry today, as a starting point before your next purchase.

What Makes a Bicycle Brand Reputable?

Before we look at some of the best South African bicycle brands, we should explore what makes one of these brands reputable in the first place. It’s simple really, it comes down to safety, style and affordability. Bicycles and parts manufactured should keep the safety of the rider as the top priority first, which is never something to skimp on, especially as mountain biking can be fairly rigorous and somewhat dangerous in certain terrains. Affordability becomes another important consideration. While you should never skimp on quality in general, when it comes to cycling, this is even more important. Last but not least, the brand should be designing stylish pieces, keeping up with the times, and particularly plugged into technological advancements, which can help to add to the overall safety of the rider too. The following brands do just that, and more. 


Cape Town based Leatt was started after Chris Leatt, a neurosurgeon, witnessed an off-road motorcycle accident where a fatality may have preventable with improved neck protection. This led to the first design of a brace aimed at improving the safety capacity of the helmet and reducing the risk of death while on the road. Leatt’s brace has improved the overall safety of off-road cyclists since inception, and has subsequently grown into a bigger operation offering other protective accessories. The brand not only serves the cycling industry, but the moto sports one too, showcasing that it is a brand that is expanding into a wider safety arena. The sky’s the limit!

Pyga Bikes

KZN also has a gem in the industry, namely Pyga Bikes. The store is well known as a competitor to some of the biggest boutique importers in the world, renowned for its competitive pricing and a commitment to improve the overall mountain bike experience for riders of all skill levels. Pyga’s international distribution network is fairly vast, spanning all major continents on the planet. Some cyclists like to kit themselves out in Pyga gear from head to toe, in particular as it has such strong local roots. These guys are a brand to keep an eye on in the coming years, especially as they continue to grow their footprint internationally, perhaps even becoming more popular than South Africa’s top export, Charlize Theron.