The Best HEAD Bike Supplier in South Africa

Cycling fans across the country were thrilled to hear that the popular international brand HEAD would start distributing bicycles in South Africa from December 2017, making it more practical and affordable to get your hands on a premium quality product without having to wait weeks for it to get through customs. It’s taken the last two years for the brand to solidify its presence across the country, and if you’re looking to get your hands on a HEAD bike, there is a key local supplier you can bank on to assist you with their latest range of products, and to help facilitate any questions you may have. Let’s explore the brand as a whole first, taking a look at their range of bicycles, and giving you a sense of where to look in order to get your hands on one soon. 

The HEAD Brand

HEAD is headquartered in Amsterdam, and these days it contains a collective of small independent companies offering different sports apparel. Originally started as “Head Ski Company” in the United States in the 1950’s, the company has evolved over the course of the last seven decades to be a prominent and competitive force in the sporting goods industry. In 2020, the brand offers products related to tennis, swimming, snowboarding, skiing, biking and more. HEAD Bikes is a relatively new subsidiary of the primary company, rapidly gaining attention as a high quality product choice, based on the quality of products designed by the brand as a whole. 

Wrapping Your HEAD Around Their Bicycles

For many experienced riders, getting used to a new brand can be somewhat daunting, especially if it is relatively new on the market. HEAD combats this by offering details about their use of technology to create impeccable new frames which are not only sturdy in design, but allow for better alignment in general. The company keeps a keen eye on international trends, and places a lot of emphasis on tech making the cycling experience all the better. All HEAD products are manufactured in accordance with the UCI Constitution and Regulation, and this means that their bikes are fit for various cycling disciplines. As the brand establishes itself in the industry, expect to see more tech integration, as well as innovative new designs to improve the cycling experience for beginners, all the way through to advanced riders. 

The Best HEAD Bike Supplier in South Africa

Positive Sports Solutions is the #1 supplier of HEAD bicycles in the country, offering over twenty different models as part of their online catalogue to date. These bicycles are proving very popular too, with a handful of models selling out on the store. Better yet, the site gives direct access to the brand warranty card, so you know exactly how you’re protected should anything go wrong after you’ve made the purchase. Buying a new bicycle can be an expensive undertaking, so if you need a bit of financial assistance in doing so, Positive Sports Solutions has an in-house financing option to make things all the more easy for you. They are truly a one-stop shop, giving you access to premium quality products, while making the experience a memorable one.