SRT Carbon vs. HEAD

Cyclists are known for being brand loyal and sticking to brand names they have grown to love and trust. Two such brands, SRT Carbon and HEAD, are well known within the cycling world and appreciated for their innovative new products released onto the market each year. But what happens when the two go face to face, squaring off for who is the better brand? Let’s explore this a bit today, taking a look at the longevity of each, factoring in their product ranges, and considering how they’ve continued to adapt their offerings in the wake of a changing global economic landscape. 

Longevity in the Industry

HEAD started from humble beginnings back in 1950 in Amsterdam, primarily as a ski company looking to make a name for itself. It would only be much later when it would be introduced into other sports markets, predominantly as a result of the company acquiring smaller businesses within these sporting industries. SRT Carbon does not have a history that dates as far back, but in the time since it was created it has managed to showcase itself as a brand that has the potential to stick around for a long time to come. Created in conjunction with another reputable brand, it was shortly after inception that their products were already being shipped to over 100 bicycle shops across the country. This was to be a good omen for the years to come, and they haven’t looked back since. 

Facing Off: SRT Carbon vs. HEAD Product Ranges

SRT Carbon’s product range is renowned for its technological innovation and versatility. They sell everything from wheel sets to seat posts to whatever you may need to customise your cycling experience. The Carbon Aero bicycle is a bestseller that has stood the test of time, predominantly for its high quality and future facing design. HEAD provides a more extensive bicycle range, offering choices between nine different types of riding styles. It goes without saying that HEAD likely has greater access to various resources, particularly as it forms part of an umbrella brand that has diversified into multiple sporting industries. That said, SRT Carbon matches its high quality designs and may not be selling for scale, but it caters well to its very particular niche. 

Brand Innovation in the 2020’s

There’s no better time than to be showcasing innovation in your designs, especially in a time when consumers are hard pressed to spend money in a relatively uncertain economic climate. SRT Carbon is innovating this year through its incorporation into a bigger brand, Positive Sports Solutions, which houses multiple other companies and will likely allow the business to expand on its product offerings in the years ahead. SRT Carbon’s “Go Faster” motto will most likely apply now, especially as they are now part of an umbrella of businesses, just like HEAD. Speaking of, HEAD is also moving into a new direction as a result of the changing landscape in 2020, namely in how they are prioritising efforts to design lightweight e-Bikes that are an alternative to traditional transport. These are being prioritised to decrease CO2 emissions, as well as to give consumers a viable option that will be cheaper than owning a car. Albeit a move in a new direction, HEAD has got to be given some props for its ability to adapt to the changing face of the world. 

Getting Your Hands on SRT Carbon & HEAD Products

Both SRT Carbon and HEAD are highly reputable brands in the cycling industry, and when putting them up against each other, there are multiple pros to consider on both sides. At the end of the day, consumers require products tailored to their individual needs, and both of these respected companies offer this in vastly different ways. You may be at a point where you’re considering your next purchase and perhaps these two brands are front of mind now that you’ve seen them in action. If so, Positive Sports Solutions is a great place to get your hands on the latest products on offer from either, as well as giving you the opportunity to shop for bike accessories, get access to financing, and so much more. Whether you’re team SRT Carbon or team HEAD, you’ll be walking away a winner either way.