Ryders Eyewear: A Brand Review

Cycling eyewear offers more than just great visibility while you’re on your next ride. It also gives you peace of mind that you’re protected as you brace the elements, ready in case any foreign object (however big or small) may head your way unexpectedly. One of the brands at the helm of providing the best eyewear within the industry is Ryders, a popular choice for cyclists of all skill levels. Today, we’ll dive a little deeper into the brand, looking at their humble beginnings, exploring their most popular products in 2020, as well as discussing what you should be looking for before you decide to buy a new pair of shades for your cycling adventures. 

Ryders: Brand Origins

Brent Martin’s love for cycling dates back to the 1980’s, when he entered his first championships in his native Canada, and ended up winning the competition. It wasn’t long until he founded his own company, in a bid to bring together high quality performance-oriented eyewear that would be useful to a multitude of different riding terrains. Since it started, the company has always stuck to its roots. Forty years later, Ryders is about more than just providing high quality eyewear – the company likes to  immerse itself in cyclist culture and prides itself on always being right on the cusp of existing consumer needs. 

Most Popular Eyewear from Ryders

When it comes to the most popular choices on offer by Ryders, a couple of models spring to mind. Locally, sales of the Aero, Flyp, Incline and Roam models are particularly prominent, and one quick glance at each should tell you why. These each cater to a very different type of rider, while factoring in the variety of conditions that cyclists typically find themselves in. The Incline range is particularly popular as a unisex option, especially in lieu of its sophisticated design which parrallels some of the more expensive models on offer from its main competitors. 

Pricing and Availability

Ryders eyewear is known for being competitively priced, which does tend to make them a big ticket item, especially among first time cyclists. In terms of availability, this is where the brand could be faulted to some extent. A quick glance across a few e-Tailers and their ranges indicate that Ryders eyewear seems to be out of stock in a variety of places. This could simply be a shortage related to COVID-19 and complications in getting new stock in from overseas, or it could indicate that demand is too high and cyclists may struggle to get their hands on a pair this year. Keep this in mind if you’re on the lookout for a new pair. 

What Should You Be Looking For In Cycling Glasses?

Before you start the hunt for your next pair, ensure that you take into account the most important factors related to buying eyewear for cycling. The most important consideration is protection, followed by enhanced vision, and then comfort. The right lens colour can also make a world of difference to the overall experience. If you need a bit of extra help with deciding, Positive Sports Solutions will make sure you tick all the boxes, especially if you’re looking to get your hands on a pair from Ryders, which they’ve been known to stock for many years already.