PF30APS – Alloy Press Fit BB Cupset w/sealed Bearings for Shimano


Alloy Press Fit BB Cupset w/sealed Bearings – Shimano

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Our Fusion bottom bracket packs a ton of technology into a small space to keep your cranks spinning smoothly. Our unique design combines the best elements of different materials for optimum performance. Alloy cups are ideal for supporting bearings because they don’t deform under pressure or when they become waterlogged. However, when they are pressed into a carbon fibre frame, they can cause damage or squeaking because they don’t mould easily with the frame. Plastic cups can mould more easily so they are ideal for use in frames that are not perfectly aligned (trust us… almost no frame is!) and one big advantage is that they don’t squeak. The downside is they can end up causing the bearing to be crushed. Nylon doesn’t swell like plastic does; however it cracks so it can’t be used on it’s own. This leaves us with a dilemma…..which material should we use? Instead of choosing one of these materials, we combine all of them into one bottom bracket. We use alloy to hold the bearings in place because that’s what alloy is good for. To keep the bottom bracket and frame quiet and creak-free, we house the alloy cups in a plastic and nylon shell. With the right mix of plastic and nylon, we are able to precisely manufacture these bottom brackets so they don’t deform over time or when they are wet. In addition, it allows the bottom bracket to accommodate frames that aren’t perfectly aligned. TOKEN! You have created a miracle! (actually no…. just smart engineering. But thanks for the props!) We didn’t just focus on the shell, however. Our bearings are precisely manufactured so they spin smoothly and to keep the elements away from them, we use our own unique seal. The seal is made of both rubber and alloy and provides double protection for the bearings. And to make sure that all this development and precision isn’t wasted, we hand assemble these bottom brackets so that only the best bottom brackets are shipped. Use the Fusion and all its technology and you won’t need to change your bottom bracket for a long while.