Cyclists riding in the bright South African sunlight are assured of access to quality protection following a distribution deal between Positive Sports Solutions and RYDERS Eyewear.

We are on a mission to market high-end brands in the Southern African Development Community, which include HEAD bikes, Gipiemme wheels, Westfalia bike racks, ControlTech cycling components and LUCK shoes.

Our latest venture will see RYDERS Eyewear South Africa expand their operations in the region.

Working in close proximity to Positive Sports Solutions in Irene, Simon Edmonds of RYDERS Eyewear said he was interested to see if we could join forces to promote their products.

“This led to a meeting with Lynette [Burger], whom I knew from many years in the cycling industry. It led to her trying out some of the RYDERS technology and the rest is history.”

Burger is part of the highly successful Demacon Ladies Cycling Team, who have recently had a sponsorship with Positive Sports Solutions renewed for 2019.

The weather in South Africa, said Edmonds, means it is always “a great sunglasses market”.

A key aspect of RYDERS eyewear, he added, is the anti-fog feature which has been developed.

“In addition, they are extremely impact resistant and, besides the anti-fog, are full of features like colour enhancement and being mirror-coated.”

David Pieterse, Positive Sports Solutions product and technical manager, said the products will be distributed through all cycling shops, while cyclists can also order online through our website –

“All available products are listed on our website and any other preferences can be ordered through us and will be available within two to three weeks,” he added, 

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