Together with the HEAD Bikes SA ambassadors, Aaron Heyneke and Ian Els, our brand ambassador, Azulde Britz, is representing Gauteng at this weekend’s Spur Schools MTB League Inter-schools Final. Read more about what this means to the young cyclists.

How does it feel to be selected for the 2018 Spur Nationals Dream Team?

Azulde: To be selected for the Dream Team feels amazing, I am very privileged to have been in the team since my high school career started!

Ian: To be selected for the Spur Gauteng Dream Team is a real privilege. To be part of a team like this that’s racing against each other in some categories but racing for the same goal is really a big encouragement.

Aaron: It feels really good to represent Gauteng at the Spur Nationals at Bekker as it gives me great motivation to do well and to advertise HEAD bicycles in South Africa.

What are you most excited about for this weekend’s Nationals?

Azulde: Apart from the actual racing, I am most excited to be catch up with some friends and just have a blast supporting my friends and teammates. After all, this is my last Spur High Schools race, well, EVER.

Ian: The thing I’m most excited about is to be on the track racing and going past all the people cheering for you. That is really encouraging and gives you the power you didn’t know you had.

Aaron: I’m really excited to race against all my friends from the different provinces and mostly just to have fun on my awesome machine.

What challenges are you expecting from this weekend’s event?

Azulde: I think the course itself could have a few challenges, but a race is only as challenging as you make it.

Ian: To race two days in a row changes your mindset completely and it is as if you race differently than usual.

Aaron: There are a few challenges for this weekend, but the biggest challenge has to be that I have to do my absolute best because there are going to be a lot of good riders at Bekker and just to have a safe ride is the most important thing.

Whose tail do you think you’ll be chasing or will be chasing yours?

Azulde: I think my closest competition would be Tiffany or Zandri. But, none the less, I aim to race against myself and just give my best!

Ian: I think my closest competition Is Kyle du Toit. He is also in the Gauteng Dream Team and we are really close when it comes to strength.

Aaron: My biggest competition is Travis Steadmen, he is an amazing rider and I will have to push very hard to ride with him.

UPDATE. Unfortunately, due to medical reasons, Ian Els will not be competing in the event but we are proud of him nonetheless and know he would compete if he could.

*Images courtesy of Nicky Lindeque photography