Positive Capital Solutions, a sister company of Positive Sports Solutions, will serve as a new financial division designed to help local customers afford their preferred products. The arm will cover all products within our company’s range; including HEAD Bikes, Gipiemme wheels, Westfalia bike carriers, LUCK shoes, RYDERS eyewear, and Controltech products.

The escalation in the cost of equipment had led to the development of this financial arm. In our experience, we have seen that there is definitely a demand for this sort of funding.

While there are already two finance companies in place, we believe we are in a good position to provide this sort of service.

Positive Capital Solutions will finance any of the products in our range, with a minimum contract value of R20 000.

Suppliers who stock Positive Sports Solutions products will provide the customer with a direct link to our financial division or a customer can apply directly through us at Positive Sports.

The financial terms are available for companies or individuals, with each application being subject to the normal credit checks applicable in a business of this nature.

We feel our funding model offers an opportunity for SA cyclists to afford the premium brands we offer without having to pay everything at once.

Enquire on our financing options here.