HEAD Bikes: A 2020 Brand Overview

HEAD is a well known sports brand, although it is widely considered as relatively new to the bicycle scene, especially in comparison to some of the other global brands cyclists have come to trust and depend on over the years. This begs the question around how the brand shapes up in 2020 relative to its competitors, and whether it is likely to come out stronger in the wake of the international economic climate challenges that have ensued in the first half of the year. Today, we’ll explore the origins of the brand, look at some of its most bankable bicycle types on the market, as well as consider how HEAD is using the latest technology to innovate their 2020 collection in a bid to remain on people’s minds in times of relative uncertainty across the board. 

The Origins of the HEAD Brand

HEAD operates primarily out of the Netherlands, where a lot of their product manufacturing originates from too. Initially the company was solely focused on producing the highest quality ski equipment, and they managed to do so from the 1950’s onwards, especially after they chose to pair up with a manufacturer in Italy to improve their reach. Today, HEAD is a brand that consists of multiple smaller brands that have been bought out over time, allowing for the company to put a stamp on various sporting industries, including tennis, swimming, snowboarding and more. The cycling division is one of many, which may be a blessing as the global economy remains in a downturn. 

Popular Types of Bicycles

HEAD might be relatively new in the bicycle scene, but they have a surprising amount of bicycle types available to consumers, which also counts in their favour. Their MTB, road, gravel and city bikes tend to be some of their more popular options. First time cyclists may be wondering about where to begin and which type of bicycle to consider in the first place. HEAD has a multitude of offerings for people of all skill levels, which is a major drawcard relative to other brands in the industry that focus on specific levels of riders. HEAD’s bicycles are also crafted with great finesse and style regardless of the type, which may mean you could find yourself having your eye on a multitude of options. If you’d like to be sure about which bicycle will be the best fit for your needs, save the time and get in touch with the team from Positive Sports Solutions for a definitive answer from one of their experts. 

Technologies Utilised by HEAD

You can’t talk about HEAD bicycles and their relevance in 2020 without considering the vast technology they use in their bicycles. First of all, their frames are made with carbon fiber constructions, where the fibers are neatly placed alongside each other. The tube shape also allows for low weight and increased durability. Next, they utilise a process called Hydroforming during production. This involves the injection of special liquids into the frame tubes in conjunction with added pressure. This improves the bicycle frame aesthetics and allows for the creation of complex and unique shapes. Lastly, the post-mount brake system eliminates the need for additional adapters, improving stiffness and resulting in more effective braking as a whole. Innovative technology? Undeniably so. 

Recent Updates to the 2020 HEAD Bicycle Collection

Product offering and innovative technology aside, HEAD is keeping itself relevant and front of mind this year by ensuring that they continue to cultivate their consumer offerings in the wake of a changing global landscape. More recently, they changed up their current active collection by introducing e-Bikes with Fazua motors, creating a product that weighs less than 5kg. This special motor is perfect for HEAD’s e-Road and e-Gravel bikes, which are starting to grow in popularity as people seek more affordable transport options. By making sure that they are keeping one eye on changing consumer needs, while always delivering a high quality product, HEAD has showcased that they are a strong brand which will likely continue to be a viable option for consumers moving deeper into the 2020’s.