HEAD Bicycles: A Brand Review

HEAD is an established sports brand, with a rich history as a high-quality gear provider in countries all over the world. Newer to the bicycle game compared to some of their other products, they’ve been growing their reputation as a reputable choice when it comes to casual and serious biking, as we’ll see a bit more of today. Let’s explore the brand a little bit, looking at their history, range of bicycles, as well as what you can expect from them as we head deeper into 2020. 

About HEAD

An American-Dutch hybrid company, HEAD boasts a headquarters in Amsterdam, where a lot of their product manufacturing is done as well. What makes them interesting, is that they are essentially a collective of various small companies. Started as a Ski Company only back in 1950, a collaboration with an Austrian ski-equipment manufacturer as well as a partnership with an Italian manufacturer would lead to a more global outlook for the company. These days, having bought over many small businesses, HEAD produces skiing, swimming, tennis, snowboarding and other products.

Types of Bicycles from HEAD

HEAD manufactures a surprising amount of bicycles each year, across 9 different types. These include e-Bikes, full suspension, MTB, road, gravel, cross, trekking, city and childrens bicycles. Not many suppliers boast such a vast range of product offerings, but the nature of the business, which involves depending on suppliers and small businesses across various territories, allows the brand to expand its offering more easily than others. As time goes on, the brand will become more established across all the various types, but one thing is for sure, you can expect high quality products regardless of what it is you’re looking for. 

A View Towards The Future

The easiest way to get a sense of the strength of a brand is to look at how “plugged in” they are relative to their modern offerings. Companies that are slower on the uptake in terms of innovation tend to follow trends, not set them. HEAD has shown they are innovative in 2020 already, launching a brand new series of full suspension bikes at the start of January. There are some significant changes when you look at the entire collection, and it’s clear that the HEAD team is now designing with technological innovation in mind. Aside from this, they’re also launching a new e-Bike range, equipped with Fazua Evation motors. Nice!

Where To Buy Your Next HEAD Bicycle

As a whole, HEAD offers a comprehensive line of bicycles, stemming from a rich history as top sports product supplier in the game. All things considered, it seems like the brand is growing from strength to strength, and is one to bank on in the 2020’s. Positive Sports Solutions stocks some great HEAD products, and should be your next port of call if you’re looking on getting your hands on one of their bicycles. Enquire about their latest deals and specials, and you may even be on your way sooner rather than later. Happy riding!