Azulde Britz, a self-proclaimed ‘tea freak’, is our youngest female brand ambassador at 17. She’s a well-traveled and ambitious young cyclist with a weakness for tea and cake.

How did you get into cycling?

I started riding with my dad when I was nine years old and soon after we started doing a few mountain bike races. It was not long before the ‘bug’ bit and my cycling career took flame.

What advice would you give young female cyclists?

As a female cyclist, you should not feel weaker or less capable of sporting success due to your gender. Female cyclist should stand up and be bold! Do not be afraid of training hard and chasing your dreams at full speed. Do not be discouraged by any obstacles in the sport. Keep your head up and never give up!

Who is your hero and why?  Either cycling-related or not.

I have a few heroes on and off the bike, but one, in particular, comes to mind almost immediately. Ashleigh Pasio Moolman, as she has shown that South African female cyclists are able to be the best in the world and they should not be afraid to step out of their comfort zone and work for what they want. She is extremely humble, hardworking and willing to give advice.

What do you love most about cycling?

I love being able to ride my bike in new and different places while meeting new people who share the same passion that I do. I also like being able to push myself every time I go out on the bike and just constantly set new benchmarks for myself.

Where is your favourite place to cycle and why?

Probably Girona, Spain.

Bust one cycling myth.

Most likely that falling isn’t the end of the world. For instance, people (specifically ladies) tend to be scared when it comes to taking a risk, maybe falling and then having to deal with the scars. Wounds heal and scars only show the path you have taken and obstacles you have overcome to reach your goals. So don’t be scared of falling, it allows you to stand up and come back even stronger.

What is your greatest strength off the bike?

I tend to get fixated on one thing. For example, one goal, and I stay focused and work hard to achieve what I have set out for myself. This is a good thing, but may be slightly more challenging, at times.

What is your greatest weakness off the bike?

Most definitely a good cup of tea accompanied by a slice of cake … and not to mention a Ferrero Rocher chocolate or three?

What’s your advice on handling stress and pressure?

I rely heavily on my support system (mostly my parents and loved ones). I find it helps when you talk to someone close to you about the event coming up and how you feel about it. When it comes to race day, I like to have a very good idea of what the course is like, I listen to music whilst warming up and just try and stay focused on myself and on the task I have come to complete. I always remember to just have an absolute blast on my bike and try and enjoy every moment!

Tell us something we don’t already know about you!

I am a complete Tea Freak. When I am not on my bike, you can find me drinking tea, probably thinking about riding my bike. I also enjoy baking from time to time.

* Main image courtesy of Sinead Wannenburg