Pre-race training and nutrition tips


During the week before your race, keep your rides at a lower intensity to keep your legs as fresh as possible. Try to stay off your feet for as long as you can during this time; this will ensure you can start your race without feeling fatigued.

Stretch everyday pre and post ride to prevent injuries and to minimise fatigue in your legs. If you have time, try to elevate your feet above your head – for example, on a couch or on a bed, supported by some pillows. Keep your legs elevated until they start to become numb. This will improve the blood circulation in your legs, help you recover much faster and keep your legs feeling fresher for longer.

The main focus for this week will be recovery. If you haven’t been training for the few weeks leading up to the race, don’t try to train as hard as possible thinking it will improve your performance. This will only make you tired and fatigued during your race and ultimately bring your performance down.

The day prior to your race, do about an hour and a half easy spin with 3x1minute max efforts to wake your body up and get it used to high intensity again.


Throughout the week prior to the race, drink a recovery drink and eat a carbohydrate-rich and high-protein meal directly after each ride. Focus on hydration during each day, ensuring you drink lots of water. Eat as many complex carbohydrates as possible; such as oatmeal, brown rice, bread, sweat potatoes, pasta, or couscous, especially before each ride!

During the race, take in carbohydrates like gels or bars every 30 minutes. Also remember to drink a lot of water to prevent cramps and dehydration, especially when using gels; they are high in sugar and will dehydrate you.