Where To Buy Bicycle Brake Pads in Johannesburg

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a serious rider, knowing more about the ins and outs of your bicycle can not only help make the maintenance process easier, but can be a safety benefit too. Brake pads are an important component of this, and as with cars, they do tend to get worn out after an extensive period of use. Brake pads are one of the essential items you need to keep you on the road, but where should you begin to look if you’re wanting a replacement? We’ll dive into this today, while also looking at some of the more pressing queries riders have about brake pads in general. 

What are Bicycle Brake Pads Made Of?

Knowing what bicycle brake pads are typically made of can give you an indication as to why they need to be replaced so regularly. Pads can be made of leather, rubber or cork, and typically they are mounted in metal “shoes”. These three materials are likely to get worn out after a time, so ensure that you have a maintenance schedule set up, which you stick to no matter what. Also talk to an expert about the best option for you depending on your needs as a cyclist; someone who rides casually twice a month will likely need a different solution compared to a more serious rider. 

The Right Time to Replace Your Brake Pads

While it can be difficult to generalise about the right time to replace your brake pads, a traditional rule is to have them replaced once the pad is down to about 1.5mm (or 25% of its original thickness). This can vary depending on the type of pads you have. Sintered metal pads may need less regular replacement than with resin pads, for example. The best way to find out is to talk to other riders about their experience, or to consult with a specialist who can give you exact specs. 

Safety First: General Bicycle Maintenance

Brake pads form part of a crucial factor to keep in mind regardless of your skill level as a rider: safety on the road. You’re not only ensuring that you are more likely to have a safe ride by replacing your brake pads, but also ensuring the safety of others on the road too. Taking your general bicycle maintenance seriously can be a surefire way to give you the best odds at remaining safe on the road, or better yet, can help you to avoid those unforgiving breakdowns in the scorching South African summer heat. We’ve all been there!

Buying Brake Pads From a Reputable Provider in Johannesburg

Finding the right provider in Johannesburg, especially when it comes to an important component like your brake pads, doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Positive Sports Solutions is a great choice in this regard, as their team of experts will be able to help find the right part for you, while also answering some of the questions posed here related to the general maintenance cycle for your own bicycle. Have a look at their online catalogue and don’t be shy to reach out. Before you know it, you’ll be back on the road, feeling confident and comfortable that you’re doing everything you can to ensure your own safety (and enjoyment) out on the road.