The Best Mountain Bike Stores in South Africa

If you’re a serious cyclist, with a proficiency for mountain biking, you’ll know that doing so comes with a range of different challenges around gear, accessories and keeping your bike maintained. You may even be in the market for a brand new bike this year, unsure of where to start to find a good deal, or to find the highest quality products. South Africa is a popular biking destination, so there are many stores to choose from, and knowing where to start can put you on your way to making your next purchase easily and with limited hassle. Today, we’ll explore some of the places you can start your search, detailing some of the best mountain bike stores in South Africa. 

South Africa as a Hub For Mountain Bikers

South Africa is a curious destination for cyclists from all over the world, largely because of the vast differences it offers across its landscape. Cape Town is naturally a tourist attraction, and its mountains and sea views provide the perfect escape for cyclists of all skill levels. Johannesburg also provides its fair share of allure, with its vast open roads and diverse nature. South Africa has a growing cycling community that is fast turning into a global community, with riders from all walks of life coming together for some of the biggest races the country has to offer as well. 


The first shop to make our list today, is VBike. Part of the Valencia group of companies, which were founded back in 1935, this Nelspruit based company offers a diverse range of bicycles and cycling accessories. While their website may be due an upgrade, this shouldn’t deter you from their service offering, which is usually very good, and also comes with a range of good deals and offers. If cash is a little tight or you’re looking for a good deal to buy something for someone else, these guys are a good place to consider. If their items are in stock, they promise to deliver within 2 days, which is a great turnaround for any eTailer. 

Cycle Tribe

Cycle Tribe offers one of the largest selections of mountain bikes on their online catalogue (nearly 100 bicycles), making them a great choice if you’re looking to explore a bunch of different brands in a variety of price ranges. Founded by cyclists themselves, they even offer a cycle club and promote a real sense of community when it comes to your experience of buying from them. They consider cycling to be a lifestyle, as evidenced by the diverse range of gear and accessories on offer, and if you’re looking for something in particular, they’re happy to do what they can to source it for you, or to point you in the right direction to get your hands on it. Voila!

Positive Sports Solutions

Positive Sports Solutions is a Johannesburg based company that is well known for offering a diverse range of sporting goods. The company prides itself on being a specialist importer and distributor of international quality goods, creating strong partnerships whether they’re dealing with other suppliers, brands or consumers. Their mountain bike range offers great diversity, and is widely popular, often tending to sell out sooner rather than later. Sign up to their mailing list to be the first to know about their deals, and don’t be shy to ask them for their opinions when it comes to what you’re looking for.