Best Bicycle Shops in South Africa

South Africa is renowned for having some of the best bicycle shops in the world, particularly along the coast, where cycling is a way of life. While it can be difficult to know where to look for cycling gear if you are a first time cyclist, there are a couple of stores that stand out above the rest and should be able to help get you on the road or trail sooner rather than later. Let’s explore what sets a good bicycle shop apart from a great one (with some tips for you to look out for), while discussing three of the best options for you to explore before making your next purchase. 

What Sets A Good Shop Apart From a Great One?

Bicycle stores sell a collection bicycles and accessories, and it can be quite overwhelming to know where to begin when you walk into one. First and foremost, a great store will have someone approach you right away to give you some advice, and to find out how they can help. This goes beyond customer service: you need an expert to be able to give you practical advice based on your cycling skill level. It’s easy to buy accessories like a cycling helmet, bike lock, pedals and more if you know where to look, but having someone in your corner to help give you practical assistance makes a world of difference. A good store gives you access to great products, a great store does the same but makes it an experience too. 

Bike Mob

Bike Mob might make you chuckle at first, particularly because a shopping experience with them, especially if you visit their website first, will present a popup asking you to “Become a mobster” and sign up for their online mailing list. This adds to the overall experience and makes you feel part of the community, so to speak. Cape Town based, this store is a high end importer of premium brands. We mentioned that a great store makes buying from them an experience. Bike Mob even has this worked into their business philosophy, citing that they are about more than just racing, rather wanting people to share an experience, as well as some war stories, along the way. 


Cycleworx is somewhat of a wildcard on our list. They also offer free shipping for purchases over R1750, which can go a long way if you’re a first time buyer. Located on the garden route, this Sedgefield based store is owned by Eugene and Stephanie Roux. People travel a long way to visit their store, which is not only responsible for selling high quality items, but also facilitates the successful organisation of cycle tours big or small. What’s great is that these guys are also actively involved in outreach programs designed to bring cycling to people from all walks of life, which says a lot about their motives and long standing success in the business so far. 

Positive Sports Solutions

Positive Sports Solutions has a clear mission: to create lasting partnership with global brands, in order to offer them to the South African sporting community. This is an ongoing process, and is part of their bid to help people from all upbringings lead a more active, balanced life. Their online store features a collection of bicycles and related products, provided from renowned international suppliers. Whether you’re looking for accessories to enhance your cycling experience, or just need some advice to help become a better rider, their team has got you covered.