Affordable Online Bicycle Stores in Cape Town in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant that we all have to be a little more careful about how we spend our money. Whether you’ve been affected financially by the coronavirus or not, it’s never a bad idea to keep your eye on the best possible deals related to one of your passions or hobbies in life. If you’re a cyclist looking for a new bike, or are hoping to get a good deal on accessories, clothing and nutrition related to the sport, knowing where to look in terms of finding affordable online stores can make a world of difference at the end of the day. Today, we’ll explore some of the best options for online bicycle businesses that are based in Cape Town.

What Makes Cycling in Cape Town So Unique

If there’s one thing that is hard to replicate, it is the unique landscape of the Western Cape, and the beauty of the region irrespective of whether you are a trail or road cyclist. Cape Town offers more than just a great touristic area, and can be a dream come true for any cyclist coming from other parts of the country. Whether you’re from one of the other big cities in the country and only able to visit here occasionally on holiday, or if you’re a local trying to find the best possible spots for you and your cycling buddies to ride each weekend, Cape Town offers a special experience either way thanks to its breathtaking landscape and thriving greater cycling community.

Bicycle Garage

When trying to find a good deal, Bicycle Garage is a good place to start. Ran by a team of sports enthusiasts and professional athletes, the company puts the best heads in the business together to ensure that cyclists of all skill levels can get what they need from them. A “keep it simple” mindset is adopted by their team, and while their online catalogue is extensive, they do help make the process of finding what you need relatively uncomplicated. Quickly becoming one of the most recognisable bicycle stores in Cape Town, you can also find cycling gear, nutrition as well as other goodies in their online catalogue, so don’t be shy to window shop for a bit.

Olympic Cycles

Olympic Cycles has roots in Kenilworth and Claremont, and was first established all the way back in 1936 by Alfred Lind and his son Basil. Now a fourth generation family business, the company continues to offer specialised equipment at more affordable rates than you would find from its competitors. Their online catalogue has a bicycle range featuring hundreds of products designed for people of all ages and proficiency levels. Olympic Cycles keeps their network of customers close to their heart, and for that very reason they continue to be a beloved company within cycling circles in the Western Cape.

Positive Sports Solutions

The last business on our list comes with a slight caveat. While technically based in Gauteng, Positive Sports Solutions is renowned for its efforts to ship to all parts of the country, and a fair share of their business reaches the shores of Cape Town each year. It’s worth keeping them on your list of considerations if you’re looking for a good deal, even if it means factoring in a bit extra for shipping and delivery. What we like most about this company is that they have created solid relationships with international markets, which in turn gives them access to the highest quality products on the market as soon as they are released. They also offer finance options, as well as free delivery for orders over R500. You won’t find a better deal than that anywhere else. 

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