A Closer Look at SRT Carbon

SRT Carbon is a well known brand in the cycling industry, offering a diverse range of components and products designed to enhance the riding experience. Today, we’ll explore the various types of items they manufacture, while also looking at two of their most popular bicycles, which continue to be high sellers in the South African market. In a highly competitive industry, it pays to be innovative, so we’ll also try and catch a glimpse into what they’ve been up to lately, to get a better sense about where the brand may be headed in the 2020’s. 

The Origins of SRT Carbon

SRT Carbon was initially created due to a growing demand for premium cycling products across South Africa and the greater Africa. The brand was created in conjunction with an established, reputable company in the field, which at the time, shipped their products to over 100 bicycle shops across the country. SRT Carbon is perhaps best known for its effective components, which continue to be popular to this day, and essentially laid the foundation for the release of top range items each year.

Does SRT Mean Anything Special?

Within the cycling industry, SRT can also refer more specifically to a bicycle with something called “smooth ride technology”. It effectively implies an ongoing quest for a smoother ride, without having to worry about additional weight limitations on the bike. Traditionally, higher performance meant reduced comfort, but this is changing as a result of technological innovation. By using products that increase elasticity and reduce the overall weight of the bicycle, the rider enjoys a better experience, especially in tricky conditions. SRT technology has a big role to play in the way we ride going into the 2020’s. 

SRT Carbon Product Range

SRT Carbon’s product range is also known for its technological innovation. Holistically speaking, the brand offers a host of interesting products, including frame sets, wheel sets, flat bars, seat posts, handlebars and saddles. Buying SRT Carbon effectively allows you to customise your existing bicycle using brand new parts. Alternatively, it offers you the chance to build an SRT bicycle from scratch, which can be a great project to tackle in your spare time. To people keen to get on the road right away, they also offer two best-selling bicycles, namely the Carbon Aero, and the RD 2.18. Both of the bikes retail at around R50 000, but you can bank on the fact that you’re getting a high quality product in the process. 

SRT Carbon In The News

SRT Carbon falls under the TOKEN Cycling SA brand, which is well known as a force within the cycling industry. The most recent changes at TOKEN include their incorporation into Positive Sports Solutions, which now houses multiple brands under its umbrella, including the likes of TUFD, SeasSucker, TreeFrol, PowerBar and more. This is a sign of a growing and in-demand brand, likely to play a prominent role in industry as we move into the 2020’s. SRT Carbon products can now be sourced directly from Positive Sports Solutions, which has a long-standing history as a premium sports product supplier and manufacturer in South Africa. SRT Carbon’s motto to “Go Faster” can now be applied to how you go about getting your hands on one of their products. The rest will be up to you. Enjoy the ride!