There are a number of fancy definition for the term Ergonomics but if you are part of the two-wheel fraternity the definition is; “it makes me more comfortable on the bike”.

Other questions related to the term “ergonomics” are; can I pick it up, how heavy is it, can one person fit it and will it hurt my back. These are the exact questions we ask about bicycle racks and even if the answer is not what you want to hear you will still try to pick it up by yourself and you will hurt your back. We know because everybody does it and this is exactly what Westfalia realised when they designed their platform carriers. They have applied all the ergonomics principles and came up with one of the easiest bike racks we have seen in years.

We’re going to skip all the boring technical specs and get down to what really matters:

1. It folds up really small and stores easily

Folded up it’s about the size of a pre-2001 desktop tower. That’s big for a personal computer but small for a bike rack. Not only does it save space while not in use but it fits in your boot and can basically be pulled out from the back of your car and dropped onto the tow bar.

2. It unfolds in seconds… into a full sized platform carrier

Once secured with the clamp and unique key lock, the wheel holders, individual rear light boards and bike mounting rail folds to give you a full-sized tower mounted bike rack.

3.It tilts

We know this is a pretty standard feature but it’s still important to mention. Not all of them can tilt.

4. It is semi-crash proof

We say semi because there’s always that one guy… yes, he will go and test it. 

If you happen to reverse into a garden pole or some texting-while-driving individual bumps the carrier from behind the light boards will probably unclip and swing out of the way before it breaks a light cover.

5. No carbon wheel burning

The rack sits high on the towbar and with the wheel clamps out of the way of the exhaust, this is great news for carbon wheel owners. It also means that your approach and departure angle increases so no scratches and bumps going up and down steep driveways.

6. Easy locking mechanism 

The rack locks onto the towbar with an easy push down onto the locking lever and dismounting it is even easier; unlock, pull the lever up and lift off the towbar in one motion. 

7. Interchangeable bike clamps

The bike clamps can be removed from the mounting rail and attached once all the bikes are in place on the rack. If you ever try to get these clamps through the frame of the first bike to clamp the second bike you know why this is important. Soft rubber clamps protect the bike frames and each arm has a locking mechanism.

8. VERY, VERY easy wheel mount adjustment

So you know when the wheels are strapped in and then you realise one bike’s handlebar catches the other bike’s saddle… Even with the wheels already strapped in, the mechanism on the Westfalia rack allows you to easily move the wheel mount one or two notches so the bikes don’t touch each other.

Why are we sharing all of this with you? Because if you are like us all you really want to do is ride your bike.

Westfalia is distributed by Positive Sport Solutions.

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