The HEAD Bikes SA and Positive Sports Solutions brand ambassadors – Ian Els, Aaron Heyneke, and Azulde Britz – reflect on the past year’s experiences as brand ambassadors and set their goals for the 2019 cycling season.


What was the highlight of your 2018 brand ambassador experience?


Ian: To me, the highlight was actually everything, all the time. The whole Head Bikes SA team has really been extremely supportive of me. To be part of their bigger picture is a real privilege and not only the biggest highlight in my 2018 career, but also of my whole cycling career.

Aaron: That would have to be that Positive Sports Solutions is always there for me and they make me feel part of the family.

Azulde:  The highlight of my experience as a brand ambassador has definitely been having the opportunity to work with such top-class people and receive ample support and guidance.


What was the most important lesson you learnt from your 2018 experience?


Ian: This year taught me to appreciate all that I have and not to take anything for granted. The greatest privilege of all was to learn alongside people who have experience and wisdom; people who share the same passion for cycling that I do.

Aaron: That it’s not always about racing; it’s about enjoying it and having the time of your life when out on the bike.

Azulde: The most important lesson I have learnt this year is that you can truly achieve whatever you want. With hard work, commitment and self-belief – nothing is impossible. Also, I have learnt that I am capable of much more than I think.


What are your 2019 cycling goals?


Ian: My goals for 2019: To train harder, to ride stronger, to reach more people and encourage younger riders to keep cycling.  The SA XCO 2019 Cup will be my main focus. To win is always my ultimate goal, but the road to the finish line is what matters more. I would also like to do more road racing in 2019.

Aaron: I have goals, but I move up to the Junior age group in 2019 and that’s going to be super hard for me, but I will push to do my best. My biggest 2019 goal is that I would love to go to Europe for about 2 to 3 weeks and do some racing over there.

Azulde: My 2019 cycling goals to date would be to get as much experience racing u/23 as possible and just soak up all there is to learn about racing. In addition, I would like to compete in Europe again. I would also like to give SA Champs a go and really get my name out there as an u/23 rider.


What are you most looking forward to for the 2019 cycling season?


Ian: What I am looking forward to the most, is the 2019 SA Cup. This is the race I enjoy most. I cannot wait to be on those tracks and smash the obstacles … I can think of nothing that is more fun.

Aaron: I’m really looking forward to a good 2019 season and I can’t wait to start racing in January. 2018 has been a really busy year and it’s time to get some rest. I will hopefully be competing in all the South African Cross-Country Cups and all the Nissan Trailseeker races and focus even more on my school work, as grade 11 is an important year leading to grade 12.

Azulde: For 2019, I am most excited to move into a new age category. In addition to this, I am truly excited to be able to work with PSS for another season!

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